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Virtual CXO Services for MSME

Virtual CXO Services (CHRO|CMO|CFO|CTO) for MSME

We provide end to end hand-holding support and technology enabled Comprehensive solutions for MSME’s and Entrepreneurs

If your firm or company is in the inception/start-up / development stage, you can avail our Virtual CXO Services or an-on-demand CXO is a C-suite executive (CHRO, CFO, CMO, CTO etc.) who partners with you to provide high-level functional leadership to drive growth and set standards of leadership excellence within your organisation.

AllCORP is providing a budgeted but yet a corporate standard working reputation with Our Domain experts (SMEs) who assist you as your virtual CxO’s to guide and support to your crew to create, develop, implement, systems & procedures for the respective department or division, enabling you as an entrepreneur to concentrate on your core business operations and achieve the organization goal easily.

Startup Solutions
HR Solutions
Marketing Support
Finance & Accounts
Technology Support

We will stand by your team during the incubation period and then play only an auditor / advisory role. Start-up companies need to comply with Various acts, laws and regulations, which can vary depending on the industry and location. Some common compliance steps that start-up companies may need to follow include:

Registering the company:

his includes registering the business with the relevant authorities, such as the state government or local municipality.

Obtaining necessary licenses and permits

Depending on the industry, the company may need to obtain specific licenses and permits, such as a business license or health department permit.

Compliance with labor laws:

This includes following regulations related to minimum wage, overtime, and other labor requirements.

Ensuring health and safety:

Companies need to comply with health and safety regulations, including those related to workplace safety and food preparation.

Filing tax returns:

Start-up companies need to file tax returns and pay taxes in a timely manner.

Keeping accurate financial records:

Companies need to maintain accurate financial records, including invoices, receipts, and other financial documents.

Protecting personal data:

Start-ups need to comply with data protection laws, including those related to the storage and handling of personal data.

Company inception support

Company incorporation, obtaining GST, PAN, TAN, PF,ESI, various registrations and licensing under S&E, Factories Act, Contract Labour Act etc. Start-up registration & benefits.

Business Support
Marketing Support
Human Resource Management Advisory support
Finance & Accounting
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Preparation of final accounts and preparation of un-audited balance sheets.
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Banking Services
  • Tax services - Income tax, sGST, Profession Tax, etc…