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“Sourcing is time-consuming, effort-intensive, and expensive”

Our recruitment process is to identify the potential profiles of candidates for permanent or delegated positions for various departments of our end clients. Our speciality is that we screen not only for the technical skills but also train them in various technical and cultural areas there in helping the employee and organisation meet at a more compatible end to cater the business needs for growth and development.

Recruitment is the next step in the procurement function of human resources of the organization.

It involves encouraging qualified people to make application for employment with an organization. It is not only a matter of satisfying an organisation’s need but it is an activity which influences the shape of the organisation’s future because the successes or failure of an organization is dependent on the potential of the employees working therein.

Recruitment is a positive process because it stimulates people to apply for jobs to increase the “hiring ratio”, means the number of applicants for a job.

We use a combination of the following hiring methods to find suitable candidates for their clients:

Job Postings:

Advertise job openings on job boards, our website, or social media platforms.


Building relationships with potential candidates through professional networks, alumni groups, and industry events.

Employee Referrals:

Encouraging current employees to refer friends and acquaintances who may be suitable for open positions.


Proactively searching for and approaching suitable candidates for specific roles.

Campus Recruitment:

Targeting recent graduates through campus recruitment drives and on-campus interviews.

Social Media Recruitment

Utilizing social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find and connect with potential candidates.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS):

Utilizing software to manage and track the recruitment process, from posting job ads to evaluating applicants.

Assessment Centers:

Evaluating candidates through a series of structured tests, exercises, and interviews.

Temporary or Contract Staffing:

Providing temporary or contract staffing solutions to clients in need of immediate help.

Customizing the recruitment process helps ensure that the right candidates are selected for the right roles, and that clients' needs are met in a timely and effective manner. This can lead to improved job satisfaction, higher retention rates, and a more positive work environment.

Internal Database:

As a company formed by a group of professional experts’ with aspiration to empower 360-degree contact system to acquire organize and store an enriched internal database. We extended our data collection with our internal network and from various sources within and outside the company.

Our Hiring services include

Executive Search . Bulk Hiring.
Leadership Hiring Overseas Hiring.

Executive Pursuit:

Our recruitment teams work with companies of all sizes across various industries to find professionals to fill executive-level job vacancies. Our team comprises of the mid / top level search consultants who are highly trained on the latest sourcing methods and apply the most relevant recruitment strategies to find the most suitable talent.

Leadership Pursuit:

As a more proactive process, AllCorps is all set with the support from its Chief Mentors and its unique process headhunting is made possible. We are unique because:

We focus on very limited top openings only

Our Chief Mentors are highly experienced and have worked at top positions for various companies

We are more focused on quality rather than quantity

We invest considerable time and effort in finding the perfect candidate, right from gathering information about prospects, rapport building, until the final selection of the candidate.

We Search and finalise people only with the best skillset for the respective job.

We conduct leadership search assignments for many CxO-level positions and offer customized solution for various senior level profiles across industries.

Bulk Hiring:

ALLCORP Team has wide network with educational institutions, NGOs, Employment Exchanges & government bodies

Hiring in bulk typically involves rapid screening, group interviews, and quick turnaround times. From application to offer letter within. Our primary focus of bulk hiring is to build a vast talent pool matching the skill requirements of our client organization.

We redirect the candidates to the screening tests, personality tests, and the pre-employment tests so as to assess the insight and skill set of the candidates. Our processes are faster, fair and organised with a good number of available resources at AllCorp Technologies.


Advertisement in newspaper is generally used when a wider choice is required. It is the most widely used external source of bulk recruitment.

Employment exchange

Employment exchanges run privately and by government regarded as a good source of Recruitment for both unskilled and skilled workers. Employment exchanges help to match personnel demand and supply by serving as link between job seekers and employers.

Campus recruitment-

Recruitment made from various educational institutions of repute is known as campus recruitment. It has become one of the main sources of external source of recruitment in modern days.

Regional Team:

The connective of AllCORP team is spread all over the rural and urban areas, benefiting us through a wide area coverage in our talent acquisition.

Our strategic approaches for a huge recruitment drive are:

  1. Assess the goal of type and the number of talent you need to achieve it.
  2. Examine the current situation of the job market and budget accordingly.
  3. Plan to partner up with agencies and make use of software solutions.
  4. Form the needed skills and experience and job descriptions for the same
  5. Creating a timeline and mass hiring plan.

Our strong team for sourcing and execution makes the placement job easier for our clients

Overseas Hiring:

ALLCORP provides support to companies looking to hire employees from overseas.

We help companies save time and resources by managing the recruitment and relocation process, and provide support to ensure the successful integration of overseas employees into the company and local community.

  • Talent sourcing: Finding suitable candidates from overseas and pre-screening them for the client.
  • Immigration support: Assisting with the immigration process, including visa applications, work permit renewals, and legal compliance.
  • Cultural integration: Providing support to overseas employees and their families to help them settle in to their new location and adjust to the local culture.
  • Compensation and benefits: Advising on local compensation and benefits packages, including tax, insurance, and other employee benefits.
  • Onboarding: Providing support with the onboarding process, including orientation, training, and introduction to the company and local area.
  • Compliance: Ensuring that the client complies with local labor laws and regulations, and advising on best practices for managing an overseas workforce.