About us

About Our Company

AllCORP Technologies provides cloud-based solutions and handholding support to its clients to strengthen their internal functions in a more structural and cost-effective way.

ALLCORP Technologies is an emerging business service provider offering a range of support services to other businesses, which includes human resources, accounting, payroll, statutory compliance, marketing, IT support, and administrative tasks.

ALLCORP is originated with the team of domain experts and women self-help group with the aim of empowering themselves.

Talents & capabilities are everywhere! This Self-help group emphasize the “Collective Wisdom” Concept - Balancing the competent and the less competent people thus becoming a “Common Talent”

“ALLCORP” – a combination of diversified unique talent united as a “Multi-talented” team

ALLCORP is a one-stop solution provider with domain experts in HR, Accounts, Marketing, and Technology which offers a wide range of business support services under one roof. The goal is to offer a comprehensive solution to clients, allowing them to outsource multiple functions and simplify their operations.

Our aim is to support the client companies’ day-to-day operations in a more efficient and effective way while they focus on their core business activities and achieve their goals.


Being a multi-talented organization:

To build a multi-talented organization with diverse skills and expertise that offer many benefits to clients and increase their efficiency & productivity by outsourcing and enhancing their key business processes.

Foster an inclusive work environment:

To be the preferred professional partner for customers and employees

Foster a culture of learning and development:

To develop employability skills for jobseekers, rural youngsters, housewives and provide employment opportunity

What do we do?

What do we do?

AllCORP Technologies provides end-to-end support services to various corporates, start-ups, small & medium-level companies. ALLCORP takes care of the smooth functioning of all supportive activities of the client organization so that the management shall focus on their core business activities and achieve the organizational goal easily

We help organizations to gain cost and time efficiencies and provide cutting edge over their human resource strategies, and improved training and upgradation services to their employees.

The virtual CXO’s Platform for the Work Anywhere Revolution and your Trusted Knowledge Partner.

Supporting the distributed workforce of today, our cloud based Work Anywhere platform enables you to securely manage and provide hand holding support to manage all operational tasks & growth of the client organization.

To elaborate we provide:

Support at Office - support for personnel files, archive, and other HR functions with a team of expert staff at your office.

Customer / Client Help Desk - instant support of client queries. Tele - calling, customer support desk, employee support desk, email and other help desk anytime from anywhere.

Cloud based Support virtual consultancy and management of support functions with a dedicated SME team to handholding your staff (HR, Accounts, Marketing, IT, Admin) and also includes our other service offerings listed below

Our service offerings
  1. HR & Statutory Compliance Management Services
  2. Business Consulting Services
  3. Training and Development
  4. Finance and Accounts Management Services
  5. Technology Support Services