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Payroll Processing

Pay Roll Processing

Payroll plays a huge role in any business. Payroll is responsible for ensuring a business’s tax and compliance obligations, which has a serious impact on a business’s bottom line. Employees expect payroll departments to be both accurate and efficient, as their livelihoods depend on getting paid accurately and on time every month.

We at AllCorp Technologies combine a highly skilled professional team using the best technology to assure you flawless Payroll processing for your company. We accept the “Fully Managed” Payroll processing model and also “Part Managed” payroll.

We take over the entire burden of payroll and will handle all the accounting complexities. Hence you can focus on improving your other business operations. We deliver tailor-made solutions.

The steps involved in payroll processing can vary depending on the specific requirements of clients, but a typical payroll processing cycle includes the following steps:

  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Collect and record employee hours worked, absences, and other time-related information.
  • Gross Pay Calculation: Determine each employee's gross pay, including regular pay, overtime pay, bonuses, and any other taxable compensation.
  • Deductions and Contributions: Calculate and withhold various deductions, such as taxes, insurance, and retirement contributions, from each employee's gross pay.
  • Net Pay Calculation: Determine each employee's net pay, which is the amount remaining after all deductions have been made.
  • Payroll Disbursement: Distribute net pay to employees, either through direct deposit or physical cheque pay.
  • e-payslips are electronic versions of traditional paper payslips. Instead of receiving a physical piece of paper, employees receive their payslips electronically, typically via email or an online portal.
  • Record Keeping and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of all payroll transactions, including earnings, deductions, and taxes, and prepare and file any required payroll tax returns and reports.
  • Payroll Reconciliation: Compare payroll records to financial records to ensure that all payroll transactions have been accurately recorded and reported.

Fully-managed services are data-intensive and complex. The data shared between the company and us is treated as very sensitive. The security and control of data exchange become vital. We maintain long-term payroll reports to enhance the security of records.


We provide reports and deliver relevant data to our clients without delays since we understand how crucial these reports are. We prepare reports up to date reports and bills accurately and file the annual reports. This can help our clients to make timely decisions and avoid hefty fines and other penalties.


Payroll and accounting activities are not just about crunching numbers. They deal with large amounts of money. And so, compliance becomes a very important criterion for any company. To avoid legal hassles, we comply with all the rules and regulations. We provide sincere service in handling all the personnel documents and annual compliance reports with composure

Advanced services

As fully managed solution we include a complex system setup. It also includes the integration of human resources in a reliable fashion. To handle the technicalities, we designate incorporated teams. They estimate the IT infrastructure and deliver payroll without too much stress. We serve any business of any size – small, medium, or large.

We benefit you in:

Decrease the risks of compliance.

We provide a flexible system using modern technology that gives you superior payroll system experience with accuracy and error-free payroll process.

Maintain absolute confidentiality of client and employee information at all times.

Assuring quality and talented people that work for you at all times.

We execute every step with utter honesty and integrity and assist you with complete year-round access to your financial position.