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Employability Training

Employability Training

Employability Skills Training (EST) helps you become job ready by providing intensive pre-employment training. You’ll get practical support to develop your job search skills and workplace skills. You can also learn about and build the skills you need for specific industries

The goal of ALLCORP’s employability training is aimed at providing its contribution to the improvisation of the society by addressing the unemployment and poverty issues through its intensive training supporting the individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to secure an employment. The focus is on imparting practical working knowledge that will help individuals succeed in the workplace and improve their financial stability and in turn contribute to the overall development of the society.

Employability for Students refers to a combination of training programs that aim to prepare students for the job market. The training includes both theoretical and practical components, such as:

  1. Career counselling:

    Providing guidance and advice on career options, based on individual interests and abilities.

  2. Job search skills:

    Teaching effective job search techniques. strategies, such as resume writing, interview preparation, and networking.

  3. Workplace skills:

    Developing soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, that are essential in the workplace.

  4. Industry knowledge:

    Providing information on current trends and best practices in the students' desired fields.

  5. On-the-job training:

    Students receive practical training through internships, apprenticeships, or other forms of on-the-job experience. This allows them to apply the skills and knowledge they have learned in a real-world in their desired field.

The goal of employability training for students is to increase their chances of securing meaningful employment after graduation and help their transition smoothly into the workforce.

The following are some key elements of employability training programs for job seekers, In addition to the above 5 students training

Communication Training:

We provide verbal and non-verbal training inclusive of work place etiquettes for the individual to blend easily with the workplace environment with confidence.

Technical skills training:

Providing instruction in specific technical skills, such as computer proficiency or a trade, that are in demand in the job market.

Entrepreneurship training:

Teaching basic business skills and providing resources to help individuals start their own businesses.

We also provide customized training, which is designed according to the needs and objectives of specific organisation / institutes.

These programs may cover a range of subjects, including

  • Soft skills & Behavioural skills Training
  • Technical Training
  • HR & Labour Laws
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Sales & Marketing – Digital marketing
  • Technology
    • Mobile App Development
    • E-commerce Development
    • Website Development
    • Hardware Network Support

Our emphasis is to convert the multi-talents to a more usable and practically workable knowledge that will benefit not only the individual, the organisation but also the families’ and the society they dwell in.